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Coerced Confession vs. Real Confessions

Barry Beach gave a coerced confession to detectives in Louisiana that ultimately led to his conviction. Many have come forward over the years since that conviction stating that they have overheard or been the recipient of confessions from several people in the Poplar area. Who has heard anything and what was said? How can this help Barry’s plight?
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  1. Deb Cooper says:

    I just saw this on Dateline, has anyone gave a polygraph to the the girls “involved”. I think I am convinced with with doubt that he committed this crime. Needs to have a second look with new evidence with the girls…

  2. Montanans for Justice says:



    Hearing offers Barry Beach a final shot at retrial in ’79 Nees murder

    Beach is serving a 100-year sentence for the 1979 murder of Kim Nees in Poplar.

    HELENA — Barry Beach has served 27 years in Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge for the 1979 beating death of then-17-year-old Kimberly Nees on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, a crime he insists he didn’t commit.
    On Aug. 1 in Lewistown — after nearly three decades of legal battles and appeals — Beach, 49, will get one last shot at convincing a judge that he deserves a new trial, and a second chance at proving his innocence.
    If he fails, Beach, who is serving a 100-year sentence, probably will spend the rest of his life behind bars.
    “We know so much more about this crime today than we did in 1979 or 1984, during the trial,” Beach said during an interview from prison. “That’s what this hearing is about.”
    Nees’ body was found floating face up in the Poplar River on the morning of June 16, 1979. Her father’s pickup truck, the cab of which was covered in blood, was about 250 feet away. A bloody handprint was on one of the doors and footprints were found along the path where the killer dragged her body to the river.
    In 1983, while he was living in Louisiana with his father, Beach was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. According to court records, Beach spent three days in jail before two investigators questioned him for hours, trying to link him to the abductions and deaths of three local young women. By the end of the day, Beach confessed, not only to those murders, but to killing Nees four years earlier.
    His confession to the Louisiana crimes didn’t stick — authorities later arrested other suspects — but a Montana jury convicted him of killing Nees a year later.
    Since then Beach has maintained that his confession was coerced, and that he had nothing to do with Nees’ murder. For nearly 30 years, he’s been trying to correct what he called “the greatest mistake of my life.”
    Beach’s case rocketed to the national stage in 2008, when Dateline NBC ran a two-hour special on the brutal murder and Beach’s 2007 appeal for clemency. The episode was called “The Killing at Poplar River.”

    Beach was denied clemency, but the national attention made Barry Beach a household name, and spawned an outpouring of support for his cause.
    More importantly for Beach, the show caught the attention of new witnesses who came forward with information they say corroborates Beach’s legal team’s assertion that a gang of jealous females, not Beach, were responsible for Nees’ death.
    “If we get to present all of our evidence, then I think it’s beyond doubt that Barry ought to be given a new trial,” said Peter Camiel, the lawyer who has worked on Beach’s case for a decade.
    In 2009, the Montana Supreme Court ordered a lower court to hold an evidentiary hearing to assess potential new evidence in the case and set standards that the District Court must use to determine whether any new evidence might have changed the outcome of Beach’s original trial.
    First, the evidence cannot have been available at the time of Beach’s 1984 trial. Second, it must be credible. Finally, the judge must decide whether the new evidence, had it been presented to jurors in 1984, might have influenced the outcome of the trial.
    Beach’s defense will present the new evidence and witnesses in the hope that it will convince Fergus County District Judge E. Wayne Phillips to order a new jury trial.
    Whether or not Beach will get to present all of the new evidence his legal team has uncovered in the four years since his clemency hearing is an open question.
    Beach first petitioned the court for a new trial in 2008, but in the intervening time between the original petition and now, Beach’s legal team discovered new witnesses and evidence, including Kim Nees’ fingerprints, which had been missing prior to the original petition. Camiel said a former FBI fingerprint analyst found that a bloody palm print found at the scene belongs to someone other than Barry Beach or Kim Nees, which he said proves somebody else was at the scene of the crime the night Nees was murdered. Additional witnesses also came forward to say they heard others confess to playing a role in Nees’ killing.
    In 2009, a Great Falls couple contacted the Tribune to say a woman confessed to them on several occasions in 2005 and 2006 that she badly beat a girl in her hometown of Poplar years before. Kevin and Tamara Hall said it wasn’t until after seeing a re-airing of the Dateline special and reading about the case in the newspaper that they realized the woman was talking about Kimberly Nees.
    Beach’s legal team plans to bring 23 witnesses to Lewistown Aug. 1, but it’s not known how many of them will get to testify. Phillips has said he won’t make a decision on whether he will hear the new evidence that wasn’t in the original petition until after he hears the original petition.
    “I think that members of the public would want a full airing of this,” Camiel said. “They would want a judge to weigh all the evidence and not restrict it. They wouldn’t want a large portion of the evidence never heard and never weighed.”
    Centurion Ministries, a New Jersey-based group that advocates on behalf of prisoners it believes are wrongly convicted, has been working to free Beach since 2001. Centurion’s founder, Jim McCloskey, said the upcoming hearing is the culmination of that 10 years of work.
    “This is it. This is his last shot. That’s why we think it’s so important that all the evidence be introduced at this last hearing,” McCloskey said. “If we fail on behalf of Barry in this effort, at this hearing, Barry will never see the light of day.”
    Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock’s office, which is working to preserve Beach’s conviction, opposes allowing the new evidence into the courtroom.
    Bullock’s office declined an interview request, but spokeswoman Judy Beck issued the following statement:
    “The state’s role at the evidentiary hearing is to test, in a court of law, the new ‘evidence’ Mr. Beach will present to challenge his conviction for deliberate homicide, to determine whether it is actually new evidence of Mr. Beach’s actual innocence, according to the strict standards defined by the Montana Supreme Court.”
    The biggest hurdle Beach will have to clear is convincing the judge that he made up the confession he gave to Louisiana investigators 28 years ago.
    Beach, then 20, told police that he and Nees were parked in her father’s truck when Nees rejected his romantic advances.
    According to Beach’s confession, he got angry and tried to strangle Nees. She escaped using the driver’s door, and Beach came around the truck and repeatedly hit her with a crescent wrench.
    He told police he then dragged her body to the Poplar River and pushed it over the edge. He also told investigators he returned to the truck several times to cover his tracks, throwing evidence into the river.
    According to court records there was plenty of physical evidence at the crime scene, including a bloody palm print on the door of the truck, fingerprints, footprints in the drag trail to the edge of the river, hair samples, and more, but none of it matched Beach.
    The only evidence the prosecutors had to go on in 1984 was Beach’s confession, which Beach has said doesn’t match the facts of the murder. Beach said his confession was coerced by aggressive investigators, and he plans to bring expert witnesses to the hearing who will testify about the false-confession phenomenon.
    “I’ve been told by numerous people that Judge Phillips is a fair and honest judge,” Beach said. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted was for the judge to follow the law, to apply the law and to look at the totality of the evidence that exists today. I believe if all of those elements are in place on Aug. 1, I will be granted a new


    9:25 AM on July 24, 2011
    It’s about time.

    1:10 PM on July 24, 2011
    This shouldn’t be about pride, politics or precedent. The only concern here should be truth.

    3:54 PM on July 24, 2011
    Show me one shred of evidence he had anything to do with this murder. I dare you. 
Other then the coerced confession, the state should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. You notice he doesn’t deny knowing Maude. He says it’s just to late for her to testify. I think hes starting to sweat.

  4. Montanans for Justice says:

    See updates

    go to latest news


    Petition For Writ of Supervisory Control
    Barry’s attorneys have petitioned the Montana Supreme Court to allow all new evidence to be considered and to allow Barry his right to discovery prior to the August 1st hearing.

    Petition For Writ of Supervisory Control Table of Authorities
    Table of Authorities for above petition.

  5. Montanans for Justice says:

    I always called him, “The Great Mr. Lowney. “

    With great sorrow, and joy, I regret to inform you that “The Great Mr. Doug Lowney” passed away Saturday the 13th of November, at around four O’clock PM. He died peacefully with friends and family present at St Peters Hospital in Helena Montana.

    Please pray for Doug and his family, in this time of need. His daughter Ann, said she will post the time and date of services to this web site, when it becomes available.
    You can go to
    for more information.

    Doug was very involved with the Beach case, and Montanan’s For Justice. He was part of our “Core group” of Montanan’s For Justice.

    As Doug always said, “We have an AWESOME God!!”
    Father Porter in Deer Lodge said two Mass’s with the inmates at Montana State Prison, for Doug at or around the hour of his death.
    A group of Men, at a Cursillo weekend, in East Helena were saying the rosary for Doug at or around the hour of his death.
    A group of Men doing a Cursillo weekend in the Shelby Prison have been praying for Doug.
    Doug would have said, “Don’t we just have an AWESOME God”.
    Yes Doug, We do Have an Awesome God, and thank you God, for Blessing us with your true and faithful servant Doug Lowney.

    Your Friend
    Bob Kolar

  6. Montanans for Justice says:

    Montanans For Justice implores anyone with information about the Kim Nees murder to call the toll-free Montanans For Justice TipLine at 1-877-884-8507.

    The TipLine is being actively monitored. Your message will be heard only by Barry’s legal team. If your information is relevant, substantive, and credible, someone from the legal team will contact you if you choose to leave your contact information. Barry’s attorneys will keep your information and identity in strictest confidence. Your information and identity will be revealed only if YOU choose to testify. Even if you do not wish to testify, your confidential information might help Barry’s legal team put the pieces together more effectively to prove his innocence.

    Since the Montana Supreme Court’s decision to order an evidentiary hearing in the Beach case, several new witnesses have come forward to testify, including individuals who have come to Barry’s legal team through the TipLine. There is safety in numbers and as this case comes to a head, it is increasingly safe to step forward with what you know.

  7. Sharon says:

    I’d like to thank Kay Rossi for another report.


  8. Sharon says:

    In the Great Falls Tribune an article that an associate of Sissy Atkinson, Kevin Hall and his wife Tamara heard Sissy confess to her participation in Kim Nees murder. He reported this to the Great Falls police department on several occassions as early as 2006. Sissy Atkinson testified she did live in Great Falls and all information coiencides with documented statements from other parties.

    Go read for yourself as I hope MFJ will post the link. greatfallstribune.com/article/20091220/NEWS01/912200303/Couple-says-woman-admitted-playing-role-in-79-Poplar-killing-at-center-of-Beach-case

    Great job John S. Adams for reporting the story!! It’s about time!!!!

  9. Sharon says:

    The Dunwell Report with representatives of Montanans for Justice can be found under the latest news!

    Great job Bob Kolar, Frank Crowley, and Dan Gingler!!

  10. Sharon says:

    To anyone with any knowledge of the Barry Beach case in
    Wolf Point or Poplar I urge to please contact the
    Montana For Justice tip line toll free: 1-877-884-8507

    All calls are kept confidential!

  11. Fort Pecks Day says:

    In the ways of our people judgement comes in the form of a
    whirlwind. As the winds begin to blow isn’t it amazing
    that just as Barry Beach gets a brand new opportunity to
    try and match the unmatched fingerprints and the bloody
    palm print that the recent actions of the Big Muddy Task
    Force have gathered 36 new fingerprints to possibly be

    The whirlwind seems to be getting closer.

  12. Anonymous says:

    For those of you who still follow the Barry Beach story there will be a televised interview Wednesday, November 11, 2009 with Barry and his mother Roberta, on KRTV Channel 3 Great Falls. You can also see the interview on the KRTV website at KRTV.COM

    Thanks for your support and prayers

  13. re-read this latest entry. i think it’s seriously time to throw in the towell.

  14. I envy you,and i admire your artile very much.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Everyone in Montana knows what a drug infested poor place Poplar is. Google hi line murders in mt. It will amaze you how many times the name Racicot is mentioned. It is obvious he is corrupt and his pockets have been lined with ill gotten money. Barry Beach is innocent and is just another fall guy for the crap that Racicot has pulled all over the Big Sky state

  16. Anonymous says:

    This whole thing stinks. Look at the evidence and the bullshit story the goddamn prosecuting attorney gave. Anyone who knows Racicot knows the SOB is a corrupt piece of shit. Beach got set up and he was coerced into giving a false confession. Maude Greyhawk is going to have alot to answer for and she knows it. She is satan spawned. Sissy Atkinson is a guilty as sin. She is a drug infested moron trying to ease her guilt with poison. Everyone needs to stepp up to plate and see that this injustice is reversed and those two pukes and their accomplices rot in jail

  17. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like you have a serial killer, a woman, the first since Eileen, the monster, running around your town. And a town full of related cops keeping the killing going….crazy world

  18. Anonymous says:

    maude is in Denver, she laughs about all this.

  19. Anonymous says:

    , How is this Maude Character connected to my brothers death?

  20. Anonymous says:


    Barry Beach Presentation

    Sunday, August 10, 2008
    2:30 pm, Glasgow Fairgrounds
    This is not an MFJ event,
    but MFJ members will be attending.
    Please join us if you can!

    Breakfast at the Cottonwood Hotel
    Sunday, August 10, 2008, 9:00 am
    Flyers will be handed out after breakfast.

    The Cottonwood Hotel

    The Star Motel

    Contact Montanans For Justice E-mail for more information.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Montanans For Justice has no problem with anyone referring to documents posted on our website: http://www.montanansforjustice.com. However, we cannot allow people to cut and paste large documents that are already available on the website. You may try posting links to these documents in your comment or you may refer to them by name and location. MFJ has removed 1 document from this post that is too large to be posted here. Please keep your comments as comments, not regurgitation of documents that MFJ has already provided. Thank you for your cooperation. MFJ

  22. Anonymous says:

    Watch the Barry Beach rally at the State Capitol Building in Helena, MT on the ‘Latest News’ page of the MFJ website. Also, please print off the petition that can be found there as well and get them signed and mailed back to MFJ. Thanks to everyone.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Barry Beach Rally Itinerary

    Montana Capitol Rally!!!

    May 9-10, 2008

    Everyone is welcome. Please come if you can!


    Friday. May 9, 2008

    7:00 – 8:00 p.m. – Meet at Perkins Restaurant, 1803 Cedar Street, 406-442-5757
    Dinner with Richard Hepburn; Richard is Centurion Ministries’ primary investigator for the Barry Beach case.

    Saturday. May 10, 2008

    9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – Make posters for rally; hand out flyers around town, place
    flyers on cars. Location will depend on weather; call Montanans for Justice Phone 406-465-6761 for location.

    12:00 – 1:30 p.m. – Sack Lunch (you bring) at Lockey Park. Take the Capital Street
    Exit, when traveling west on Prospect Ave turn South (left) on Lamborn Street, travel 5 to 6 blocks you will run into Lockey Park. This park is close to the Capital Complex and is boarded by Broadway Street and Lockey Ave and Lamborn Street.

    1:30 – 2:00 p.m. – Assemble on the front steps of the Montana State Capitol building.

    2:00 – 3:00 p.m. – Justice for Barry Beach” rally.

    Pre opening–warm up the crowd with some songs
    2pm Opening Comments Ziggy Ziegler Former Yellowstone County Commissioner.
    2:05 Invocation Father Porter MSP chaplain.
    2:07 Review of the Case Doug Lowney Treasurer for Montanans for Justice.
    2:14 Centurion Ministries Richard Hepburn, Centurion Ministries’ primary investigator.
    2:24 Montana Senator Dan Weinberg from Whitefish.
    2:34 Who is Barry Beach Barry’s mom Bobby Clincher.
    and sister Barbra Barbara Salinda.
    2:44 Call to Action Bob Kolar, Spokesman Montanans for Justice.
    2:55 Closing prayer Father Porter MSP chaplain.
    2:57 Closing Comments Ziggy Ziegler Former Yellowstone County Commissioner.

    3:00 p.m. -? – Discussion on Barry Beach’s Case (Open to the Public) and Dinner/Lunch at Jorgenson’s Restaurant, Back Room 1720 11th Ave (Close to Capital).

    Thank you for coming.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have nothing to hide. I’ve lived in Helena 28 years, long enough to know how things work.

  25. Montanans for Justice says:

    Montanans For Justice does not condone or endorse any attacks on the Nees family or the people of Poplar, MT. Our goal is the freedom of Barry Beach. We will attempt to censor comments that are blatantly offensive to readers concerning either of those parties, although we are not in the practice of inhibiting free speech. We ask everyone involved to focus your comments on how we achieve freedom for Barry. Thank you for your understanding. MFJ

  26. Montanans for Justice says:

    Montanans For Justice does not condone or endorse any attacks on the Nees family or the people of Poplar, MT. Our goal is the freedom of Barry Beach. We will attempt to censor comments that are blatantly offensive to readers concerning either of those parties, although we are not in the practice of inhibiting free speech. We ask everyone involved to focus your comments on how we achieve freedom for Barry. Thank you for your understanding. MFJ

  27. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you have something to hide dude. I am part of that group of people here in Helena, and most that I have met support Barry Beach. I think you are paranoid. Join us you will be OK.

    Legal or not, if you protest here, then the cops will be keeping a closer eye on you. (Comment this)

  28. Anonymous says:

    Legal or not, if you protest here, then the cops will be keeping a closer eye on you.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I do NOT think that Montanans for Justice would put anyone in danger when it comes to doing any illegal. I am sure they have dotted all “i’s” and all “t’s” – you will be wil so many other folks. As a group working in numbers I don’t think there is anything to fear. Come! Be a part of it!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I want to be at the rally but I’m afraid of the cops in Helena. The corruption here with the police, sherrif’s office, and DA’s office is almost as bad as Poplar.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I want to be at the rally but I’m afraid of the cops in Helena. The corruption here with the police, sherrif’s office, and DA’s office is almost as bad as Poplar.

  32. Montanans for Justice says:


  33. Montanans for Justice says:

    Montana Capital Rally!!!

    May 10, 2008 2pm

    Capital Steps, Helena, MT

    Everyone is welcome. Come if you can!

  34. Anonymous says:

    THAT IS THE TRUTH! The authorities in Poplar CAN’T handle the truth! the don’t even know how to collect evidence and investigate it. all you have to do to be a peace officer in Poplar is be related to someone or have high school diploma with a criminal background!

  35. Anonymous says:

    This case is just one worm in the can. If justice prevails and Barry is set free, the can of worms is open. The State of Montana can see the seal breaking and if the can comes open, Montana splits at the seams. The can needs opened…it is time to clean house.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hey #108 – Help fill in the missing pieces here for some of us who don’t know that much about all of this. I am going to assume that Denver Atkinson is Sissy’s husband? But who is Frank Smith? What role did he play at the time of the murder? Who is Red Wilson and Ron Granger?

    It might help if some of us that are just now coming on board could understand or know some of this. THANKS for your help!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I think justice stands with the FBI. Schweitzer isn’t going to do anything – he’s proved that. Racicot is beyond admitting that the whole thing is a mess and should never have happened. Even if every television station televised this story Racicot STILL wouldn’t give in. The only one I think who can reopen this whole thing would be the FBI. They cant’ move it out of state, so we’ve all seen what the GOOD State of MT has done for Barry. I would think the FBI could re-open this case. THEY could order the DNA testing on the towel, they could go right in to Poplar and demand to fingerprint every single person in town.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Good grief it boggles the mind knowing how deep the cover up goes. Poor Kim, poor Barry. Will justice EVER prevail? What will it take for one of these criminals to tell the truth? Selfish!

  39. Anonymous says:

    I grew up in Poplar as well, was good friends with Kim and her family. Fortunately, we moved at the end of middle school to a safer place in the state. I am very familiar with the environment on the reservation, Poplar in particular. I also find it hard to believe that one boy (emphasis on boy) could have done this to Kim. She was a strong, amazing girl. I have always believed that a group of jealous girls, probably without intent to kill, ganged up on her and ultimately murdered her. I was shocked when Barry (whom I also knew very well) confessed. You’d better believe someone knows something. For God’s sake, come forward. Ease her family’s pain and help the State of Montana determine if Barry is innocent. Where are the rest of you of know something? Stand up and shout. Every person in the world has some goodness in their heart. Do the right thing.

  40. Anonymous says:

    How right you are,,, the cover up of this is SOOOOOO
    Let’s look at who all will be affected.
    1. bobby atkinson… he knows what stevie took out of the evidence room… he also KNOWS his sister is involved. He also KNOWS that his sister in law was involved in at the very least the cover up for maude and sissy.
    2. denver atkinson.. he KNOWS and he knows his wife is involved at least in the cover up if not more.
    3. stevie greyhawk… he has lied, taken evidence and covered up for his daughter to the point he has not ever turned in reports that were given to him about that night.. he even told frank smith when frank smith went to helena,, don’t do anything about this.. YOU know my daughter was involved in that murder….
    4.the entire police force for keeping it covered up..
    5. ron granger for lying on the witness stand and for covering up for dean mahlum (his boss) who works under raciot…yep!!
    6. red wilson for lying and manufacturing evidence.
    7. arnie melnikoff.. for being stupid and one of raciots little robots.
    8. the fbi for allowing this to become such a mess.
    9. the LA detectives who received a substantial amount of $$ for their getting the confession… rememeber the check from ??? keep the check, we will get it when we come up there.. now was that money..some of the money Ted Nees had embezzled from Murphy Oil.. the $40,000.00???
    10. The judge who is since passed on for his part in the whole deal??? Oh, yeah, he got a check too!!
    11. Mark Raciot..for his lies, and oh so much more.. by the way mark.. you made a fool of yourself on dateline.. are you sleeping with Sissy// you both look the same…
    12. Mike Wellenstein for being one of mark raciots hinch men.. and a lying piece of >>>>>>>
    13. tammy plubell.. for plain being stupid in coaching a witness on the stand????? bet your kids are soooooo proud.. hope they are able to visit you while you sit in the women’s prison for your part..
    14. the BOPP for their ignorance and their part in the cover up…
    I am sure there are more out there.. but this is why they won’t let Barry beach have a chance.. they are ALL FACING CRIMINAL CHARGES!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    The State of Montana doesn’t want the truth known, it’s that simple.

  42. KESMIAS says:

    Cont….Why have these people been allowed to get away with this for so long? Why are no further DNA tests being conducted? The DNA will speak the truth. Bottom line.

  43. KESMIAS says:

    After viewing the Dateline program a few nights ago regarding this case, I am beside myself with disbelief. My heart goes out to Barry Beach and the injustices he is forced to continually suffer. I have read as many documents, articles, blogs, etc. that I could locate on the web. Throughout this time, I keep asking myself one question,

  44. Anonymous says:

    MUST READ!!!!!

    go in to google and type in Mark Racicot corruption!

    Up pops 12,000 hits

    this man has been involved in drug trafficating from Canada to Montana. People have been killed to shut them up. He is involved in the Burlington RR, He has been involved with the dirty republicans.

    do not stand for this. This is another dirty corrupt act on Mark Racicot.

    Contact the FBI and demand an investigation in to this case. The only way to get Barry out and free and bring justice is to get rid of Mark Racicot!!!!
    Everyone he comes in contact with is afraid of him THATS why Barry sits locked up.

    Who knows maybe old Marc Racicot was sending drugs to Poplar to the Rez, maybe they told him if he didn’t clear thier daughters that they would expose him. Marc jumped at the chance to try Barry, he knows everyone or knows someone who knows someone – he obviously is in with Judge Cybulski because WHY would Barry get 100 years WITHOUT parole??? To keep him quiet! That’s why!

    WE need to be Barry’s voice out here. His life depends on it.


  45. Anonymous says:





  46. Melanie says:

    101 Centurion Ministries did an excellent job of uncovering the inconsistencies in the confession to the forensic evidence and in fact to a transcript of a phone conversation between the detective in Poplar and Jay Via, where Barry tried to match his testimony to what Jay believed (erroneously) to match the evidence at the scene. He misunderstood what was fed to him swo now there is an inconsistency in Barrys confession in what Kim was wearing. And those are just a couple of things.

  47. Anonymous says:

    When they got the confession in Montana from the Louisiana detectives did anybody in Montana ever ask if this might be false or compare or check for discrepancies in it? I know lately the police know people give false confessions and they check the facts and for discrepancies? Where are the checks and balances in this case. Why would the detectives in Louisiana be so interested in the Poplar Montana murder and solving it? There was a $10,000 reward for information the leading to the killer from the Nee’s family and also a steak dinner offered from the Poplar police if they got a confession. Did these detectives cash in on the rewards? Not to mention there would also be another feather in their cap for solving this crime. This smells so bad

  48. Anonymous says:

    It is clear to me the detectives in Louisiana had Barry so twisted by the time they got the confession, and then they sold it to the authorities in Montana and the bought it hook line and sinker without checking to see if it was correct or not. Why are they so afraid to look at the bright truth staring them in the eyes?

  49. Anonymous says:

    I certainly can understand the good folks of Poplar just keeping to themselves because they live in fear of these rotten no good folks who are giving thier town a bad name, who have been involved in several of the unsolved murders there.

    I have been reading the blogs in Poplar and my gosh they have cops preying on young adult women. The cops wife who is a counselor was in the newspaper for domestic assault. (rightly so I would say! I’d be there too if MY husband was preying on young girls!)

    I think that some of these good folks who have ANY knowledge of Kim Nees murder NEED to go to an attorney OUTSIDE of Poplar and make a statement. Explain the fear you have of living in a town where you could be the next victim.

    IF that doesn’t work then I’d go to the FBI and make statements. also tell them about the corrupt law enforcement.

    It is painful to know that the white men put these native american folks on a reservation – hired some no good cops and then have basically ignored them. corruption, unsolved murders and stabbings go on and nobody outside of the rez gives a damn. I read recently on a Poplar blog that the law enforcement doesn’t even respond to stabbings anymore!

    Until the law enforcement in Poplar is turned around – there is no chance of ever turning the town around either. FOlks will continue to live in fear.

    Gather up the good folks – shouldn’t be hard to do, doesn’t sound that there are that many left, and go to an outside attorney, make statements. Heck if you have to, take it across the state line in to another state and make statements. Ask for protection as well.

    Sooner or later SOMEONE just HAS to come forward and do something.

  50. Melanie says:

    Also, if you listen to some of Barry Beachs’ statements he says that when they first brought him in on the LA murders he told them repeatedly that he didn’t kill ANYONE. It was only when they brought the other guy in that he confessed.

    This whole case wreaks of corruption and those that so vehemently insist that they have the right person irrevocably beyond the shadow of a doubt must at least be concerned at this point of being exposed for incompetence at the very least.

    I love how Marc R. wore the politicians “power suit” in the Dateline story: dark suit, red tie, white shirt…. yeah I guess he needs all the help he can get, eh?

  51. Anonymous says:

    For those of you who would like to help from a distance, don’t forget to donate to this group. I have. They are doing all they can to free Barry Beach and need financial assistance to continue their work.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Good grief! Then why doesnt Susie Schagun come forward and tell her story?

  53. Anonymous says:

    I must try to tell some of you what it is like here.. there are some wonderful “Elders” who still practice their cultural heritage.. they have tried to pass it on to the younger generations, some here are very good, honest and caring people.. then there are the ones who feel they are “better” than anyone else,, they feel threatened by the white women who “take their men from them” if they were not murdering, lying, mean and hateful women, they would not have to worry about it!! I can make a long list of white girls who were here back then, that had to constantly deal with these women,, all it took was one person to go to Sissy A. Maude G, Roberta J, Joanne J, Jordis F, even Rose failing played her part in lots of these “beatings”
    No one ever has done anything to those who feel they “run” things, those of you who say “there is not mafia, these women all look like crack whores, etc” yes, true, but they have children now who carry on in their place, the lies, etc stay within those who keep them safe..
    Poplar is home, it is where I grew up, it is where my family is, but we do not associate with many here.. we live our lives out on our farm and have to face the fact, that it is now so sad that this is what has happened to our people, our honor, our culture..
    I was in the same class as Kim, and I know what she went thru,,,all because Susie Kern did not know that Steve Schagun was realted to Kim and had been out smoking with Kim, Susie heard from Greg Norgaard that this happened, Susie went to Sissy and the rest is history.. Kim, one day your soul will be at rest and those who killed you will rot in Hell…

  54. Anonymous says:

    There are many facts that are being forgotten here. The same LA jerk that got Barry to “confess” also had two other false confessions and these people were released based on DNA evidence. This is precisely why the DNA evidence was lost in Barry Beach’s case. He would become another example of someone that was forced into a false confession. Its also interesting that the others supposedly don’t match DNA at the scene, and neither does Barry but he is in jail. Maude confessed to others, yet she is free and they say that Barrys confession is sufficient evidence. I am astonished that these idiots have not caved under the pressure of their obvious inconsistencies in logic.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Yeah but if the real murderers confess they HAVE to let him go now don’t they? The nation knows about it now, people.

  56. Anonymous says:

    When you read the confession you can see in some spots how they “led” him to make statements in the confession. It also actually SEEMS like he is making it up as he goes along. I am sure if the recording still existed that it would be even more obvious. Also, isn’t it interesting that Maude had her ex husband murdered because she admitted that she did it to him? Interesting, Maude, you cold blooded killer. There needs to be a petition made for this. It was VERY effective in making Teagan McKinneys murderer admit that he stomped her to death. We need to get the word out and lay on the pressure to get these murderers to confess. I have NEVEr ever taken any interest in a case like this in my life. Its so glaringly obvious that justice has not been served here.

  57. Anonymous says:

    then maybe the gov better get some balls!!! grow ‘em or borrow ‘em! cause he sure aint no man!!!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Don’t count on Barry getting out soon. I work at the capital and the word is the governor doesn’t have the balls to cross Racicot.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Amen BLT—- why are people scared to say anything? These are only drugged out women. Mike Longtree are you really that scared to talk?? If it were you in Barrys place would you want a witness to come forward on your behalf? I didnt know you were such a coward. These women were never outstanding citizens in Poplar and have given nothing to the community except shame. Maudes dad and Sissys brother also. Shame shame shame.

  60. BLT says:

    I can certainly appreciate the hesitation from single folks, but numbers do talk. But if the town was to gather and rally and pull together and say they simply are not going to take this anymore and demand justice and those that know something speak up as a group – they certainly can’t go around killing everyone! I live in MT and I KNOW what the “system” is like – it’s hell to say the least – but this is BIG – this is about a man spending 100 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit while the real murders walk free. THAT is what is scarey for those folks in Poplar. Just who IS this Sissy? Maude? and the rest of the girls – why is everyone afraid of them? I think the people need to reclaim thier town, and thier lives. Let Kim’s family find peace as well and let Barry and his famiy find peace too. I just wished everyone would rally together and get the job done – before it’s too late. It would be a real shame if closure is never brought to everyone. Besides what does Sissy or Maude bring to Poplar – are they outstanding citizens that make Poplar proud or do they give to the community? Sounds to me that Poplar would be better off with those two women! Just wish everyone in Poplar would see this and take thier town back!

  61. Anonymous says:

    BOYCOTT SCWEITZER, boycott Montana, BOYCOTT, boycott, boycott,BOYCOTT SCWEITZER, boycott Montana, BOYCOTT,
    BOYCOTT, boycott,BOYCOTT SCWEITZER, boycott Montana,
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    boycott Montana, BOYCOTT, boycott,BOYCOTT SCWEITZER,BOYCOTT SCWEITZER, boycott Montana, BOYCOTT, boycott, boycott,BOYCOTT SCWEITZER, boycott Montana, BOYCOTT,
    BOYCOTT, boycott,BOYCOTT SCWEITZER, boycott Montana,
    boycott Montana, BOYCOTT, boycott,BOYCOTT SCWEITZER,

  62. Anonymous says:

    A victim of Barry’s? There is no victims! However Maude sure has two or three victims now doesn’t she? You can’t tell me that her daddy breaks in to the police department to pee! For crying out loud – men pee outside by trees, next to trucks or what ever. He was protecting his daughter. Then you have a corupt police chief protecting Sissy! You know you can defend these people all you want – and you can accuse Barry all you want – but if I was you – I sure hope you don’t live in Poplar because someday YOU might find your butt floating in a river face up – see if they ever find YOUR killer! Barry has been fighting for 25 years claiming his innocense – what have YOU been doing for 25 years!

  63. Anonymous says:

    well if your so sure there is nothing to say or to hide – then why didn’t Maude show up at the hearing? Why is she in a pysch ward in Denver? Why was she part of her husbands death? (to shut him up! guess she got just that now didn’t she?)

    If there is nothing to hide and these girls are not guilty – well then why are people like you against Barry getting another trial? I mean if he was found guilty once and you believe he IS guilty then he’d be found guilty again right?

    Or is it that the corupt police in Poplar and the crooked politicians are coverig the whole thing up?

    I don’t think you know what your talking about!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Where is some form of evidence against Barry? I don’t care what is said. Show me the black and white that he was at the scene of the crime!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me where it is written that Barry has changed his story? Or from what source you obtained this information?

  66. Anonymous says:

    If you believe every word that Barry says and nothing that the state says you are just another victim of Barrys, He is lieing, and he has had 25 years to come up with this lame story about being coerced into confessing, not to mention how his story has changed to suit his needs.

  67. Cheri says:

    My name is Cheryl Stepnioski.I live in Michigan. Amost 8 years ago my 18 year old son, Jon Kaled, was arrested along with two of his friends, for a murder they did not commit. We live in a small lakeside community outside of Detroit. There hadn’t been anything like that here in 30 years. It was highly publicized here and around the US. You may or may not, have heard about it. It was in New Baltimore, Michigan? A 16 year old young man was shot execution style, in a walk in cooler at a local Pizza Shop in town.

    A week later they arrested our son and his two friends. It was the very worst time of my life to say the very least. The community treated our families horribly. I have 7 children and had 4 grandchildren at the time. Three of my children and one grandchild were still in school here and one child was in college. They were all harassed and mostly by the the school staff not the other students. We lost friends and family over it.

    The police here had gotten False Confessions from My son and one of the other boys. They were held in Macomb County jail for a little over 6 months. My son spent most of that time in Lock down 23 hours a day, by himself.

    We remortaged our home, and got the best attorney we could. We faught the Injustice of this Broken Justice System. We three Mothers even did the investigating the police refused to do. It was the most horrific time in my life. But we were able to free our sons and the true killers were bought here last year and sentenced for their crime.

    Unfortunately one of the boys arrested with my son. was he himself murdered one year later on the very day of their arrest. That was also another dibocal of injustice in our justice system.

    I Too know the Pain The In justice Of Our Justice System Can cause.And How the Authorities take Advantage of Our Young For the soul Purpose Of A Concition….True Justice BE Damned.

    Cheryl A. Stepnioski
    (Mother Of An Innocent Young Man)

  68. Anonymous says:

    YOU SAY, What I don’t understand is why beach says he was coerced into confessing but he also said he dont remember confessing. The way I see it he is not telling the truth and is guilty as convicted.

    MY, MY, MY do we jump to conclusions? Here is your answer to the above. Beach claims that the two keystone cops asked him to pretend he did this. They said its OK if you didn’t, just pretend you did. Maybe you can help us figure out who did it. Barry testified that he play acted for a long time while they were interrogating him. Do you see how that could be a coerced confession. They kept calling back to Montana, ten times dateline reported, so that they could Feed Barry information. They said things like, Hey Barry pretend that she had a plaid sweater on. So Barry would say she had a plaid sweater on. It was role playing. A young man in his late teens or early twenty’s would think nothing of this. Then they say they lost the tapes, type it up the way they want it and BAM,,,




  69. Anonymous says:

    I think you need to understand if one raises a ruckus in Montana over something the Law has done you will come up missing, dead, or be sent to prison.
    No one else wanted to become the next Barry Beach or unsolved murder case (most made to look like suicides) in Montana.

  70. Anonymous says:

    YOUR tax payer money? Well you could think of it this way instead…YOUR tax paying money is paying to house an innocent man – do the math! If it was your butt in prison for not doing this would you want some uneducated SOB going around “kill him” I would hope not. Maybe you better do some more investigating – and before shooting your mouth off about tax payers money – think of what it’s cost in legality fees and prison fees for 25 years to house an innocent man!

  71. Anonymous says:

    If you are basing your entire decision on the confession, then you are close-minded and ignorant. Look at the evidence. ALL the evidence points at other people. There is NO evidence against Barry Beach. 25 years ago, Barry Beach confessed to 3 murders.If he remembers or doesn’t remember, it doesn’t matter. He has been excluded from two of the murders by DNA evidence. He will be excluded from this murder as well.

    – A Beach Bum

  72. Anonymous says:

    What I dont undrstand is why beach says he was coerced into confessing but he also said he dont remember confessing. The way I see it he is not telling the truth and is guilty as convicted.

  73. Anonymous says:

    What I dont undrstand is why beach says he was coerced into confessing but he also said he dont remember confessing. The way I see it he is not tell the truth and is guilty as convicted.

  74. BLT says:

    I am appalled with the folks in Poplar for not speaking up right away and for not turning in these girls who did this. Sad thing is they are still free, and since it appears that Maude was “indirectly” involved with the murder of her husband as well – that makes TWO murders now she’s been involved with/in. Who will be next? Maybe your brother? maybe your sister? Maybe your parents? Maybe your chldren? Just maybe it will be you? Do these folks in Poplar plan to live in fear of these women for the rest of thier lives? For crying out loud – get down to the Governors office and SPEAK out!!! Protest! Do WHATEVER you can to put this all to an end. Bring peace to Kim Nee’s family, to Barry Beach who has suffered long enough and to your town of Poplar! If you can’t do it for them then do it for yourself and your own family – you could be next!!! If you don’t – then your just as guilty as those girls that night for keeping quiet! Do the right thing!!!!!

  75. BLT says:

    I am appalled with the folks in Poplar for not speaking up right away and for not turning in these girls who did this. Sad thing is they are still free, and since it appears that Maude was “indirectly” involved with the murder of her husband as well – that makes TWO murders now she’s been involved with/in. Who will be next? Maybe your brother? maybe your sister? Maybe your parents? Maybe your chldren? Just maybe it will be you? Do these folks in Poplar plan to live in fear of these women for the rest of thier lives? For crying out loud – get down to the Governors office and SPEAK out!!! Protest! Do WHATEVER you can to put this all to an end. Bring peace to Kim Nee’s family, to Barry Beach who has suffered long enough and to your town of Poplar! If you can’t do it for them then do it for yourself and your own family – you could be next!!! If you don’t – then your just as guilty as those girls that night for keeping quiet! Do the right thing!!!!!

  76. BLT says:

    I am appalled with the folks in Poplar for not speaking up right away and for not turning in these girls who did this. Sad thing is they are still free, and since it appears that Maude was “indirectly” involved with the murder of her husband as well – that makes TWO murders now she’s been involved with/in. Who will be next? Maybe your brother? maybe your sister? Maybe your parents? Maybe your chldren? Just maybe it will be you? Do these folks in Poplar plan to live in fear of these women for the rest of thier lives? For crying out loud – get down to the Governors office and SPEAK out!!! Protest! Do WHATEVER you can to put this all to an end. Bring peace to Kim Nee’s family, to Barry Beach who has suffered long enough and to your town of Poplar! If you can’t do it for them then do it for yourself and your own family – you could be next!!! If you don’t – then your just as guilty as those girls that night for keeping quiet! Do the right thing!!!!!

  77. Anonymous says:

    I am appalled with the folks in Poplar for not speaking up right away and for not turning in these girls who did this. Sad thing is they are still free, and since it appears that Maude was “indirectly” involved with the murder of her husband as well – that makes TWO murders now she’s been involved with/in. Who will be next? Maybe your brother? maybe your sister? Maybe your parents? Maybe your chldren? Just maybe it will be you? Do these folks in Poplar plan to live in fear of these women for the rest of thier lives? For crying out loud – get down to the Governors office and SPEAK out!!! Protest! Do WHATEVER you can to put this all to an end. Bring peace to Kim Nee’s family, to Barry Beach who has suffered long enough and to your town of Poplar! If you can’t do it for them then do it for yourself and your own family – you could be next!!! If you don’t – then your just as guilty as those girls that night for keeping quiet! Do the right thing!!!!!

  78. Anonymous says:


  79. Anonymous says:

    Maybe #68 is a politician who doesn’t want their career to come apart. Or maybe you are a Montana Law Enforcement officer who knows that if this case comes apart, so does all of Eastern Montana. Hmm…maybe all those missing person and suicide cases will come back into the spotlight. How many people in Eastern Montana have been harmed or killed by the corruption?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Should have been put to death you say # 68? You are quick to pronounce a death sentence arent you, just like the girls were to Kim? Are you one of those that were there that night and by wishing Barry dead the truth for you will be covered completely?

  81. Anonymous says:

    The only thing I am convinced of is that he is guilty as sin and should have been put to death rather than sit in a jail cell wasting my taxpayer money

  82. Anonymous says:

    Watch the Dateline show for yourself right on the website, then look at ALL the evidence right on the website as well. Then you will be convinced too.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I have talked to three off my friends who watched the show without any bias knew nothing of this case. I asked them what did you think and they all said he is innocent. Why did not the Parole board do something. The ex governor and others involved are covering up the truth. Pass the word about this website.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Mr Knight,
    thank you so much for your observations.. I have been a friend of Barry’s for 35 years, and this is the SAME STUFF (for lack of a better word on here) that Barry Beach has been facing for 25 years…
    We truly appreciate your time and your comments.. Bless you…
    A lifelong friend of Barry Beach

  85. Anonymous says:

    #63 Your not intruding we need repsonses from around the country. When outsiders can look at this case for the first time and come to the conclusion that Barry Beach didn’t do it speaks volumes.

  86. Anonymous says:

    I’m an outsider so I hope you all will forgive the intrusion but:
    1. The fact that some people refuse to cooperate in this investigation speaks volumes about their own guilt. It also shows that they are cowards. They hunted and killed in a pack because they are cowards and they won’t stand up to the truth because they are cowards. My question is, how many cowards can there be in one place?
    2. This wasn’t sloppy police work-it was deliberate cover up. How can so many suspects NOT be printed for that palm print?
    What’s worse is that the cover up now goes all the way up to the parole board. And these people are in charge of peoples lives? How do they sleep at night?
    3. The confession is so obviously coerced it is sickening. Maybe some of you involved have been involved so long that you can’t see straight. From the point of view of someone who is observing this for the first time the truth is so obvious it makes you all look like clowns.
    If I had more resources I’d use them to help Mr. Beach. I pray God will not let the hearts of the guilty rest.

    Delton Knight

  87. Anonymous says:

    Marc Racicot? I’m a registered Republican in ND,and I can see why Montana has democratic congress men!

  88. Anonymous says:

    #56—- You obviously havent read or cant comprehend if you have read this site and all the evidence presented. There was more than one person there that night.

  89. Anonymous says:

    There has been lots of talk here regarding the forced confession of Mr Beach by the Louisiana authorities. I can tell you first hand from once residing there that that is one corrupt state. They had a KKK member as governor in the 70s for God sake. We see over and over forced confessions from innocent people. The police keep them for 10 or 12 hours without food, water, even pee breaks. They are sleep deprived or coming down from a drunk or what have you. These cops concocked stories and keep repeating them over and over till they get the person to cop to their well woven tale. The police department of Poplar needs to go on trial. The folks that know something need to step forward. (***MFJ***Part of this comment has been deleted for inappropriate content. Comments containing offensive language or context will be removed. Offensiveness is at the discretion of the blog author, Montanans For Justice. Thank you for your cooperation.***MFJ***) You all ran your mouths over and over again. You still think you’re so tough. Sooner or later all of you will meet your match and I do believe it will be ‘an eye for an eye.’

    Hopefully the judge is a man of honor and will see that this whole trial was a kangaroo court. With DNA and other forms of forensic evidence many ‘guilty’ have been proven innocent. It’s time to find out who’s bloody palm print resided on the side of the truck. It is time for Poplar to have peace and healing by convicting the truly guilty. Someone has to have a conscience. There needs to be a new trial with a change of venue. Lets start by prosecuting the entire police force. It’s a sad day when cops continually cover up the sins of their spawn and let innocent people pay the price!! Peace be with you Barry. And may freedom be yours shortly.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Brovo!! Is McGrath afraid he’ll be stepping on his buddy Marc Racicot’s toes? Racicot was looking for a scape goat, PERIOD! To leave an innocent man in prison, just because you haven’t balls enough to taint your ‘buddy’s’ quick solution to this murder is an absolute dis-service to the law. Anyone from Montana KNOWS who the REAL killers are. Their names have been echoed for decades. The corruption at the local level needs to also come to trial. Afterall, they too share the blood on their hands!

  91. Anonymous says:

    Beach took a polygraph and it was shown that he did not commit the crime but had knowledge of it. In a town of 2,000 people, everyone had knowledge of the crime. They had a store display with pictures of the crime scene and a crescent wrench which was suspected to be the murder weapon. Gossip runs rampant in a town that size so everyone knew details of the murder. Beach passed the lie detector test. Throughout the entire investigation, Beach cooperated with authorities in the interest of doing anything he could to aid authorities under the premise of “ruling him out” as a suspect since he dated the younger sister. No evidence matched Beach then and it still doesn’t match anything today. Beach voluntarily gave DNA which didn’t match existing evidence either. However, there is DNA evidence linked to a white male (not Beach). The state refuses to explore this DNA further. I wonder why when it would link the true culprit(s) in the case?

  92. Anonymous says:

    Actually the have talked a helluvalot. Authorities have simply chosen not to listen.

  93. Anonymous says:

    The reason why they dont talk is because they were not there. Enough said?

  94. Anonymous says:

    What I dont understand is— why dont one of those people who were there that night, talk??? Dont they have a conscience? A heart? That was a human being, they killed. What or who are they scared of? Doesn’t the bible say that there is nothing done in secret that shall be revealed? Come on those of you who know what happened. How can you live with yourselves?

  95. Montanans for Justice says:

    The Datelaine NBC 2-hour special will air this Friday, April 4, 2008 at 8pm MDT. Please don’t miss this national coverage of terrible injustice in our own state.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Having grown up on the reservation in Poplar, I am familiar with the aggressive nature of the girls. Although I don’t believe it started out as intent to kill, I think a “beating” got out of control and girls are responsible. Check the physical evidence. Several footprints in the drag trail of the body. Several sets of fingerprints which have been unidentified. Many beer cans. Many cigarette butts. DNA was voluntarily given by Beach and does not match any of the evidence surrounding the case. Evidence linked to the case was found missing after Police officer Steve Gray Hawk broke into the evidence room. This was after another officer reported that his daughter’s car (Maude) was seen coming up form the park where Kim was killed at the approximate time of the murder. I left the reservation because I didn’t want to be another statistic or unsolved crime. When is right going to be put right and everyone quit protecting themselves and their families from what they know to be the well-deserved consequences of their actions. Come forward people and tell the truth. Quit protecting your friends and family members. Reveal the truth and clear your conscience. Or do you have one?

  97. aa says:

    I don’t think it is hard to comprehend at all. At the time of the original trial, the involved member of the Attorney General’s office clearly had political aspirations. In fact, it appears he eventually became the Attorney General and was so when the “appeal” was heard. And if I’m correct, by the time it hit the Supreme court, he was Governor. Do you think he may have had some power with the then Attorney General? Hmmm. Food for thought? “do ya think”

  98. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, no wonder she is in hiding… and strung out… just like sissy a,
    none of them have a life, they are living in a true living hell, even though barry is in prison, he is not living in the same hell as they are for he knows, deeper than any person i have ever met, who His Lord and Savior is,,, and his faith, trust and hope will keep him the wonderful man he is…

  99. Anonymous says:

    #49—-Sounds just like maude, thats how she worked it between JCB and MB too and JCB was killed

  100. Anonymous says:

    Ok.. dana was fried of mine as well, Tracy McGowan was set up by Maude to kill Dana cuz Dana was going to tell what he knew,, b-cuz Dana knew he had to protect the kids from her and her craziness.. Maude called Dana, told Dana Tracy was going to beat her up to hurry and get over there…dana didn’t want that for Maude..so he went,,, in the meantime Maude calls Tracy.. tells Tracy Dana is on his way over and she is scared..Tracy went.. they were BOTH set up… a fight breaks out and Tracy kills Dana..Maude is safe now from the truth again….Oh, by the way, Tracy has been out of prison (for killing my friend) for two years now… so tell me how is this justice??? How about my friend Kenny Booth??? He is killed by a waco beating up a girl,,,Kenny never hurt anyone… his killer will be out in 3 years???
    So obviously you were NOT a friend of Dana’s or you would KNOW this… RIP… KIM..DANA,,,, KENNY AND ALL THE REST…YOU ARE IN MY HEART ALWAYS…

  101. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Check out the preview for the Dateline show. They have a link under “Latest News” and on the NBC icon on each page.

  102. Anonymous says:

    What I can’t believe is that the AG’s office stands behind this premise that Barry is procedurally and time-barred. Our laws were not passed to prevent the innocent from getting out of prison. If he is innocent and we know it, let him out of prison. It is the only moral thing we can do. The AG’s office is acting criminally by preventing an innocent man from proving his innocence.

    -A Beach Bum

  103. Anonymous says:

    The AG only filed a response. Centurion Ministries will be able to file a response to that response by April 4, 2008. The judge will then make a decision after that. There has been no ruling in the case yet.

  104. Anonymous says:

    So did the judge give in to the AG?? Will Barry be denied a retrial?? Are all Montana politicians with out a conscience? THe real killers then are breathing sighs of relief AGAIN! Is there a petition asking for a new trial anywhere that I can sign??

  105. Anonymous says:

    I do not support letting murderers out on the streets. Nor do I support keeping them out on the streets. In this case, the murderers are enjoying total freedom because ignorant people are saying “he’s guilty” with no evidence. Remember the Jewish politicians with Jesus. “Crucify Him!”… “What evidence do you have against this Man?”, replied the Roman authorities. “Crucify Him!”, shouted the Jews. That’s all they could chant, and when Juesus was going to be released anyhow, they blackmailed the Roman authorities into doing what they wanted. I suppose I must take a stand like Jesus and say “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”, yet I still feel in my heart that letting an innocent man die in prison for your political gain is murder in itself.

    – A Beach Bum

  106. Anonymous says:

    Are you nuts? you really think they should let a murderer out just because he has been in prison for a number of years, he should die there, I think he is lucky to be alive after what he did. he is guilty as charged. the confession is valid.

  107. Anonymous says:

    If Beach did not kill Kim Nees, he should be freed.
    Even if he did kill her, he should still be freed after this length of time.
    From what I remember, it was a drunken brawl for all concerned. Who will ever know the truth?
    The former governor was a class “D” attorney and is probably just saving his tarnished reputation. Remember him from the horrible election of 2000, defending Bush’s stealing it?
    This killing has become a small town legend. It is quite distorted, no doubt.
    There are many killing in Poplar which go unnoticed and that is tragic.
    Hopefully, Beach will be released. At the moment, it not politically correct to do so, so sad!

  108. Anonymous says:

    Barry is sitting in prison because of what someone heard and told someone else. He was convicted by the gossip game. Scarey isn’t it, you could be the next one the gossip game is played with, would you like us to try to get you out after they convict you?

    Tell me where the hard factual evidence is to keep Barry in prison?

  109. Anonymous says:

    We want hard factual evidence. You have not given us any showing Barry is guily and the State of Montana does not have any evidence against Barry. So, what now? There is forensic evidence out there. We just need to test some more people against the fingerprints, palm print, the towel, and the footprints. Then we will have our killer(s).

  110. Anonymous says:

    i think if i remember right, maude had a new man, dana didn’t like it and the other man was nutso. dana was a real “real” buddy of mine and and i say r.i.p. but to blame maude is nuts. the guy who did it is in jail where he belongs.

    everyone is talking about this beach guy and his forced confession. what if it’s really true what he said to those detectives and now he’s trying to get out-that’s the scary part.

    as for these tips, you need hard factual evidence, now just what you heard or someone else heard and was told to you. have you ever played that gossip game when one person whispers something in someone’s ear and it’s passed on and on. what was originally said is not what comes out in the end. people are truly living in a fantasy world if you think this guy is going to get out. give it up!!!

  111. Anonymous says:

    Instead of wishing she rot in hell, why don’t you turn her in? Send a tip to Barry’s attorney. She will then get the justice she deserves and you may get your wish. Obviously, you know things that will implicate Maude and others. Stand up and tell the truth. There are ways to do it confidentialy. The only way to clean up Poplar and heal the open wounds that plague that community is to start telling the truth.

  112. Anonymous says:

    maude greyhawk should rott in hell everyone know she and sissy had a hand in it. she has ruined the lives of the cloud boy family the kirn family and the nees family she needs to be stopped. just the air this disgusting woman breaths is viral. she infects and destroys everything she touches. dana kirn was a good freind of mine and maude had him killed. it is sad I was born in 75 but yet growing up in poplar it was common knowledge that maude killed kim along with her accomplices. this is one of the greatest travisties of justice i have heard of. how are you ever going to give this innocent man back thirty years of his life? and the judge that did this is going to have to live with this fact on his mind forever. no wonder they dont want to hear anything about it….?

  113. Anonymous says:

    I say Google him on the internet. If you cannot get him, you can at least fill hi voicemail or make his clerk so tired that she needs a vacation.

    -A Beach Bum

  114. Anonymous says:

    Can we call this judge?? Does he have email?

  115. Anonymous says:

    AMEN to whomever wrote this last comment.. The whole purpose of this web site to me is to educate US, the citizens of Montana as to the corruption taking place, those in higher positions hiding behind their inability to admit wrongdoing and plain out lying to convict a man in order to “close the case” as fast as possible..We are not standing up for Kim Nees and seeking JUSTICE for her horrific death, we are not standing up for jusice to be served in freeing Barry Beach, and most of all WE ARE NOT STANDING UP TO OURSELVES AND OUR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS OF THIS STATE. IF THIS CAN HAPPEN TO BARRY BEACH.. AND HAS HAPPENED TO OTHER MONTANANS.. THEN IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANY ONE OF US OR OUR FAMILY, FRIENDS,, I DEMAND JUSTICE BE SERVED AND I PRAY THAT THIS JUDGE CYBULSKI HAS THE GUTS TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND FAIR…..

  116. Anonymous says:

    Mr. McGrath and all fellow AG’s:

    Montana is suffering as a State because of this case. It is apparent that Mr. Beach is innocent. Your contentions that Mr. Beach should stay where he is at because it is too late is a slap in my face. It presents a danger to me and to all Montanans. You are allowing murderers to walk free because you are being selfish. Wake up! Open your eyes! We see the facts of this case and we see your actions. You are elected by the people. We are the people and we demand action!

  117. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, it appears the Atorney Generals office is concerned about saving face. Some current and past officials have spent considerable time over there careers maintaining the position that Barry Beach is guilty. It certainly would take courage at this point to admit that the evidence does not support his guilt. I do believe, though that they have too much to fear by opening themselves up to public questioning in a press conference. Undoubtedly though, those responsible in the attorney generals office are looking at this site and reading this blog. Please ask your questions of them and just maybe they might respond in writing and we could have a open civil debate

  118. Anonymous says:

    Can the Attorney General be pushed into a live press conference to explain his ignoring the basic facts? Someway the government officials need to come before “the people” to explain and answer for their actions. Their poorly written lame excuses to only the questions they wish to answer has to cease. It’s time they do their jobs or be held accountable.

  119. Anonymous says:

    I agree. It seems beyond logic. These detectives squeezed confessions out of him to three murders. They admittedly got false confessions out of him on two of the murders. The third confession got key facts wrong and all information that matched was in the public domain. They still want us to believe one out of three was correct. Why the Attorney General ignores the basic facts of these confessions is hard to comprehend.

  120. Anonymous says:

    I just read the confession a second time. I noticed a lot of new things, like references to other confessions by Barry about the same murder that they hadn’t gotten right. Even the Det. Via was afraid that the confession might turn from “lengthy interrogation” to “intimidation” if they went any longer. They admitted they were denying him food. They also said he was out of (mentally) and saying anything they wanted. And Det. Via also says that he had lost his voice during the interrogation. Wow! Just that stuff alone (and there was lots more) leads me to believe it must have been a living hell in that Louisiana jail. I don’t even want to imagine.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Does barry remeber confessing? or is he trying to claim he was drugged by a milk shake.

  122. Anonymous says:


    The problem with this case is that the government does not seem to want anything else done with it because any evidence that comes up is not going to implicate Barry and will undermine their authority and power. It is a sad case of “If we do nothing, nothing will change.” They won’t even test the fingerprints and bloody handprint found at the crime scene against the people being accused in this crime. Who cares about a polygraph that is inadmissible in court. Let’s see what the forensic evidence says.

  123. LegAdv says:

    #25, I was wondering when someone was going to ask this question. Any answers?

  124. Anonymous says:

    Have any of the suspects named above ever offered to undergo a polygraph?

  125. Anonymous says:

    Montanans for Justice,Montanans for Justice,
    Thank you very much for the information.. I will go back and read the information for myself..

  126. Montanans for Justice says:

    Barry has maintained for many, many years that he did not commit this crime. On May 28, 1987, Barry gave a formal statement of his innocence. If you look under Case Documents, you will find a .pdf document called “Innocence Statement”. Read it for yourself. The one and only time Barry admitted to this crime was during his interrogation by Louisiana detectives who also got him to confess to other murders in the Louisiana area that he also could not have done and were later proved that he did not commit by forensic evidence.

  127. Anonymous says:

    I have just came across this story and find it very amazing.. It seems to me like someone out side the area should take a look at this and do an investagation or something.. The dateline show should help alot.. One thing I have not read is if this man has said he really did not do it and was coerced into a confession?? I will being Praying for everyone involved..

  128. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it’s universal. #19 and his ilk who say Barry is guilty cannot provide a single shred of evidence to support there position. It always comes down to them having there own agenda. They are either tight with the murderers or will be embarrassed by there actions if the truth comes out. Lets debate #19. One fact. Give us one fact that implicates Barry besides the coerced confession to three murders (2 proven wrong right away) by thugs in Louisiana.

  129. Anonymous says:

    To Comment 19:

    Yes, yes, yes. We have heard you say this over and over again. You say he is guilty but refuse to provide evidence. You say he won’t get a new trial but don’t know that for sure. Either say something new or find someone else to harrass. We know he is innocent of murdering Kim Nees.

  130. Anonymous says:

    There will not be a new trial, he is guilty and it has been all the way through the court system, if they let him out then the public will be in trouble and all of those who think he is not guilty will see the real barry beach and see what a big mistake they made.

  131. Anonymous says:

    After reading the documents it is apparent detectives Jay Via and Alfred calhoun are extremely gifted at obtaining false confessions. They extracted confessions from Mr Beach on two Louisiana murders as well as the Nees murder. As I understand it they then realized it was impossible for him to commit the Louisiana murders. They then extracted a confession from another man for these same murders. Then this confession was proved false (through DNA after the correct murderer was finally identified). Somehow Via and Calhoun insist the confession they obtained from Mr beach regaurding Nees was actually right. It is incredible that Mr Beach is in prison solely due to this “confession” these men extracted and no other evidence…period. You Da Men

  132. Anonymous says:

    I was born in 1979, and I’ve heard all the rumors on the rez because I was born and raised on Fort Peck. I’ve heard all my relatives talk about it, my great-grandmother told me Kim Nees spirit still walks because she went too young. My relatives all lived on the hill and my mother was sitting outside that night, she heard alot of them partying down there, which makes me question Barry’s confession in which he said he was alone with Kim down there, and if so, then how come my mother heard more than a couple people down there? Also, I’ve heard all the rumors about Sissy and Maude, but I don’t think justice will come too soon for Barry because people on the rez are too scared to come forward. Look at the Follete murders, or Lawrence Crowe, and Richard Red Dog, I could go on, but of course, the right people are never convicted. I pray that they will be caught though, Poplar is a scary place to live for our children nowadays. How do you raise children in a town where murderers reside?

  133. Anonymous says:

    To those who know who killed Kim: You were kids then, on drugs and drinking. You are now in your 40′s and 50′s it is time to come clean. You aren’t fooling anyone. Even those who defend you know you were involved. That is why Poplar cannot heal–too many dark secrets from this event has kept this community from healing. Where is Eddie V? Maude? Sissy A.? Come clean and pray for forgiveness. When you are on your deathbead you will remember that you had an opportunity to tell the truth but you chose not to. That is one ugly secret to take to your grave. Come clean and tell the truth. The truth will set you free. Only the truth can do that, not secrecy and cover-up.

  134. Anonymous says:

    There isn’t going to be a new trial? How do you know? Are you the judge? I doubt it. Related to the judge? Paying off the judge? You seem very confident in another person’s decision. Why are you afraid of a new trial. There is new evidence. If he is as guilty as you seem to think he is, then he will be found guilty again, right? And if he is proven to be innocent by a jury of his peers; what will you say then? Oh wait, you are from the Ft. Peck Rez. You must be a family member of one of the murderers. I guess when Barry goes free, the only thing you will be saying will be said in the visiting room of the Montana State Prison.

  135. Anonymous says:

    You notice he doesn’t deny knowing Maude. He says it’s just to late for her to testify. I think hes starting to sweat.

  136. Anonymous says:

    You could have encouraged Maude to testify at the Parole Board hearing. You see there are only two groups of people who look at this mountain of evidence and say Barry Beach is guilty. The first group is friendly with the killers, the second has there reputation at stake if Barry is released. Either way you had access to Maude. I suspect you are in the second camp though and much of your career has been wasted on keeping Barry in prison. You don’t want your dishonor exposed to the world.

  137. Anonymous says:

    testify about what? there isn’t going to be a new trial-they got the right guy in jail.

  138. Anonymous says:

    #10 If Beach is guilty and you are not afraid of the truth YOU should encourage Maude to testify. Your actions are not as confident as your words.

  139. Anonymous says:

    bon scott, the reason they aren’t saying anything is because there is nothing to say, beach is guilty.

  140. Anonymous says:

    #7: now maudes dad is trying to be a preacher and using religion? after that happened with kim; maude, sissy, joanne, ed v and a couple others all began to go to church very heavily. thta didnt last too long though, probably thought all that crying and praying “cleansed” them and made them innocent?

  141. Anonymous says:

    to #6— yes and dont forget, it has been said that maude caused joe cloud boys death too. well she got away with it before.

  142. bon scott says:


  143. Anonymous says:

    they have done it more than once,,, maude had her husband killed by her boyfriend because he was going to tell the courts what he had been told from maude..that “she was involved in killing Kim Nees.” yes, they need to be off the streets

  144. Anonymous says:

    The attorney generals office was so scared of what Maude Greyhawk might say at the parole board hearing that they called her and told her not to come. This despite her being subpoenaed by Centurion and having her travel arranged. The parole board didn’t appear upset with the attorney general for this back door scheming. In any other court in the land this would have been contempt.

  145. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that more people from Poplar and the surrounding area DON’T HAVE THE SPINE to come forward. Yea, that sounds a little harsh, but what gives. If this happened in my community I would be on the rooftops. Oh, I would raise heck. Maybe we all need to raise a little hell. If we as Montana’s raise some hell maybe the Poplar-ites would rise up. Lets go people, lets let the politicians know WE ARE TICKED OFF. Signed Dwidle Dweeb

  146. Anonymous says:

    Hey, for the safety of us all, let’s get those murderer off the streets. They did it once and got away with it. What is stopping them from coming and killing again? None of us are safe with the likes of them running around free.

  147. Anonymous says:

    I found your advertisements in the Great Falls Tribune and Wolf Point Herald today. Thank you for your investigation and support for justice.

    I would like to add that men of his age at the time don’t usually fight with unrelated woman. However, according to a bar owner here, women here physically fight worse than men elsewhere.

    Rumor here is that those who investigated the scene are surprised that the seat cover with the bloody hand print is missing from the evidence.

    Time to round up the horrible Maude Greyhawk, her father, Atkinson, and the others.

  148. Anonymous says:

    I pray that people who know what really happened would have the courage to step forward and do the right thing. What a terrible thing to go to one’s grave with, knowing that you might have helped the truth come out and free an innocent man.

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